Ameriquest - Rip off

Macon, Georgia 0 comments

Ameriquest and Citimortgage alone with other mortgage companies are ripping some borrow off by charging high interest rates and taken extra money in the thousands from borrow who borrow against there home. There's been cases such as mine where these fly by nights companies who work with these big companies even come to your home to make loan deals which should be a red flag for borrow.Never sign any paper unless you in the office where there are lawyers to advice you are your legal rights. Your home should never be a place to do business at without an attorney present

Ameriquest - Stalled and stalled for pay off amount

Robstown, Texas 0 comments

I hate these bastards. Had no ploblems when it was Ameriquest...All i wanted was a pay off amount..took a week to get it faxed to me..Was more than I owed according to my statement... These are the rudest *** on the phone that I have ever talked with...To bad these *** weren't associated with enron or maddoff...........if any jobs ever needed cutting it these ***....lets see how they would react to getting talked to like they were less than human the first part of their getting ltting you know right off the bat they are a debt collector....screw'em

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